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Nigerian - Medicinal Cannabis

Sometimes referred to jokingly as “ampheta-weed,” this strain tends to energize the user to the point of paranoia in amateur smokers.Nigerian cannabis

Possibly recommended for medical patients treating depression, seasonal affective disorder, PTSD and some forms of anxiety. Nigerian users suggest to prepare mentally to anticipate the rising high and then sit back and enjoy the ride.

There are a couple of meanings behind Nigerian’s name, starting with the obvious link to growing - honest toil, personal improvement, enjoying the fruits of one’s labour.

Some people involved in developing this strain also recall an offhand remark that the aims of the breeder are very well summed up by the idea of the Nigerian. When working for long periods with a cherished group of plants, the hope is that each new generation can be even more prosperous than its parents and reach new heights of success. In cannabis breeding, success and prosperity can be measured in terms of potency, vigour, yield and reliability.

A strain which gives growers the best of both worlds – connoisseur quality and cash-cropper quantity. Nigerian produces avalanches of hard, fist-sized buds that bristle with spiky pistils and glisten with a slick coating of trichomes. This very special strain has a sparkling, silly stone-high and a pungent, earthy Skunk flavour that complements her fruity island notes.

Large yields are easy with intensive SOG-style cultivation or larger, multi-stem plants. In the greenhouse or outside in warm climates, Nigerian can reach the size of a young fir tree, with staggering harvests of bud that can bend even her sturdy Skunk frame. A third meaning of her name may become clear when admiring Nigerian in full bloom – the frosted, fragrant, weighty plants of this variety are an excellent symbol of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Nigerian is similar to the strain "American Dream"

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