Medical Marijuana: Mazar


Mazar - Medicinal Cannabis

Placing second in HIGH TIMES 1999 Cannabis Cup winner for Indica, users claim strains from this area in Mazar-i-Sharif region in Afghanistan appeal to indica lovers interested in power from their pot. Users claim to feel strong sedating properties, possible recommended for patients who need muscle relaxation or are looking for help falling asleep at night.

Mazar is bred from a massive, heavy-yielding Orange Bud mother whose mix of traits leans towards Sativa. The long blooming, open budding tendencies of the Californian have been controlled through breeding with the super-Afghani male used in the creation of the Hash Plant seed-strain - our 50/50 HP/NL#1 cross. The resulting hybrid is solid, compact and quick - bringing our California firmly back to the Indica the side of the family while keeping plenty of the original sun-drenched high to lift and illuminate the deep Indica body-buzz.

Naturally, the characteristic zesty fruit aroma has been preserved in Mazar, and some individuals are enhanced with the resinous flavour of Hash Plant to produce a rich bitter-orange bouquet that lingers on the palate like a fine liqueur or dark chocolate. The glistening snowfall of trichomes covering buds and trim-leaves is inherited from both parents and is thick enough to allow satisfying amounts of hand-rubbed or sieved hashish to be made from Mazar.

Mazar is similar to the strain "California Indica"

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