Medical Marijuana: Canna Sutra


Canna Sutra - Medicinal Cannabis

“True connoisseurs know the many positive effects of sativas, including their ability to inspire sensual thoughts and feelings,” say users. The effect is to “elevate and stimulate the mind” while burning off in an incense-like smell. He says this strain may assist bronchial dilation, helping to alleviate symptoms of asthma-related conditions.

A real innovation in cannabis breeding – Caribbean ganja adapted for the European climate! Canna Sutra is a sweetly potent outdoor Sativa whose presence will bring a taste of the South Seas to any garden and can even make the northern latitudes seem a touch more tropical.

Jamaica is home to Sativas of astounding quality and potency, selectively bred for countless generations, so it seems strange that Caribbean genotypes are relatively rare in modern breeding. The enthusiasm which greeted Marley's Collie showed Sensi Seeds that growers everywhere are keen to sample the delights of genuine sinse. The years of breeding work behind our Collie strain had produced some very interesting possibilities involving Jamaican gene-stock, the most promising of which was the project to develop a hybrid with dominant Jamaican qualities that could succeed in the northern summer,

As a plant that can flourish in the European and North American summer, Canna Sutra can therefore perform brilliantly in almost any climate or situation. Indoor growers who may be put off by the higher prices of tropical strains should consider adding this variety to their room. When treated like any other indoor Sativa, Canna Sutra will give fantastic results under lights.

Canna Sutra is similar to the Jamaican Pearl Strain

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